3 Books That Have Shaped Me As An Entrepreneur

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Books to be returned...

There are a lot of books out there about business, life, etc. Few that I’ve read have made a significant and lasting impact on me. These are those few.

1. Just Listen by Dr. Mark Goulston

This book is extremely powerful.

Whether you’re the leader of your startup or just someone who’s trying to do a better job connecting with people, this book will show you how to reach anyone.

It has certainly helped me as I grow into becoming a CEO. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn how to better communicate with the people they interact with in their life.

2. Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People by Richard G. Shale

As the leader of a startup, you’re going to be doing a lot of negotiating. Co-founder equity, investment, employees, business deals. It’s non-stop. 

Negotiating has probably been one of my biggest fears to overcome as a startup founder.

I’m learning quickly, but certainly have a long way to go. This book has taken my understanding of the art of negotiating to an entirely new level.

3. Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson

If you’ve founded a startup you’ve thought about taking outside investment, even if it was to decide you didn’t want it.

The reality is the venture capital world can be intimidating, confusing and potentially shady. This book sets the record straight and comes from some of the most respected people in the industry.

After reading this book, you will know and understand the ins and outs of venture capital in great detail. Even though we haven’t yet raised VC for Socialyzer, I’m glad to have this knowledge on my side.

What about you? Leave a comment with your favorite books as an entrepreneur!

Announcing New Pricing!

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We recently reached out to a lot of you and we got some really great feedback on our subscription plans and pricing. First, thanks to all of those who took the time to share their thoughts. Second, we’re extremely happy to announce new pricing plans based on your feedback!

Without further ado, here are the new plans:

The Personal Plan - $5/month - subscribe now

  • Connect, optimize and publish to 1 social account per network
  • See all your stats for the posts you publish
  • Data trends and insights
  • Unlimited posts in your SmartQueue

The Business Plan - $19/month - subscribe now

  • Connect, optimize and publish to unlimited social accounts
  • Facebook Pages support
  • See all your stats for the posts you publish
  • Data trends and insights
  • Unlimited posts in your SmartQueue

What if I’m already a subscriber? - THANK YOU! We really appreciate your support. If you’re already a subscriber we’ve upgraded you to the Business Plan level of functionality at the same price you’ve been paying.

I let my free trial run out a long time ago, why should I care? - Glad you asked, Socialyzer is the only platform that analyzes your social audience and actually predicts when content should get posted to each network. Increase the clicks on the links you share by 250% or more!

We’re really excited for these changes and the new features (photos anyone?) we have coming soon.As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@socialyzerhq.com. Rocco and I will be around for a few hours to answer any questions you might have.



Sending Your Tweets to Facebook? Read This First!

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One time-saving practice in social marketing is to send the same content out to multiple social networks.

While this might make your life easy as someone who’s managing multiple social accounts, it could be costing you fan/follower engagement!

Even on our own platform we try to make it easy for our customers to get their message out there. After you’ve connected up multiple social networks, you can choose to send the same content across all networks.

One feature that’s pretty unique to Socialyzer is that we also provide the ability to customize the text you send to each social network.

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Customize Your Optimization Window for Increased Results

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One of the most powerful features of the Socialyzer platform is the ability to customize your optimization (or publishing) window.

This allows you to have full control of the time period in which the post should be published, but still get the maximum benefit of Socialyzer optimization available within that window.

The optimization window can be customized for each individual post that you publish. You can also change the default optimization window (24 hours) in your profile settings.

When you set the optimization window, Socialyzer performs its analysis on ever hour time-block within the window, and predicts the best time available.

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Say Hello to Facebook Pages

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We know, it’s been a LONG time coming, but support for Facebook pages is finally here!

You can now connect unlimited Facebook pages to your Socialyzer account… here’s how.

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged into your Socialyzer account (and either logged into the Facebook account that has admin privileges for the Facebook pages you want to add OR you’re completely logged out of Facebook).

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New Socialyzer Feature: Connect Multiple Social Accounts

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With our recent update, we’ve added one of the most requested features we’ve had to our service; multiple-social accounts.

Previously, you’ve only been able to connect a single Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and Facebook account. Now there are no limits!

You can connect additional accounts from the Dashboard by clicking the plus icon in the left menu bar. 

You can also visit your user profile page and add additional accounts from that screen.

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Important Maintenance Announcement!

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Hey Socialyzers,

Beginning this evening, Thursday September 12th at 11pm CDT, we will start a major system upgrade on Socialyzer. We expect the upgrade to be complete by 1am CDT.

This update brings a number of new features and capabilities to our platform and sets the stage for a lot of great stuff in the near future.

However, it does also mean that our service will be unavailable during the maintenance window. Any items currently in your queue and scheduled to be published during the downtime will be moved to either before or after the maintenance window (whichever is closest) automatically. No action is required on your part.

We really appreciate your patience and we’re excited to get this update into your hands!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @SocialyzerHQ or shoot us an email to 


Bradley Joyce

Are Predictive Analytics Overrated? Not in Social Media!

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predictive analyticsI recently read this great article titled, Are Predictive Analytics Overrated?

It’s an interesting question. Predictive Analytics is the darling of the business intelligence world right now and is rapidly being applied to new areas.

While the field of predictive analytics has been around for quite some time, it’s only just now really being harnessed to its full potential.

We believe that predictive analytics will change social marketing forever.

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Why Social Media Best Practices Are Your Worst Enemy

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You’ve seen the reports. You’ve seen the blog posts about best practices and timing your tweets. You’ve tried it.

And while you may have seen some incremental lift in performance, the results were nowhere near what you could have achieved.

Our research proves it.

We’ve heard this story repeated a thousand times as marketers attempt to optimize their social media activity for maximum ROI.

The truth is, social media best practices are about as useful as a pocket knife when you’re trying to cut down a tree. Sure, it helps you make a bit of progress, but you really need something specifically designed for your specific situation, ie, your audience/community.

The reality is that everyone’s social audience is unique and the environment on a social network is changing constantly. What works today, may not work tomorrow. And what works in general, certainly doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

At Socialyzer, we do an in depth analysis on the audience of each user. We analyze their profile, their tweets, their followers’ profiles and their followers’ tweets and activity.

We recently did this analysis for Distribion(@DistribionDM), a distributed marketing company and Rhymesayers.com (@rhymesayers), an independent hip-hop label.

The “best practices” would have them tweeting at 12pm and 6PM Eastern time to maximize clicks.

Our personalized analysis showed that, in fact, @DistribionDM should tweet at 10am Eastern time for maximum clicks and @rhymesayers at 3pm Eastern time. The difference between our recommendations and “best practices” is an eternity on Twitter!

The only thing that the best practices get right for these two accounts was that they should share midweek. The top 5 best time slots for each fell during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Where best practices ultimately fail is that they don’t take into account the variables of your specific audience.

One of the clearest indicators of the difference between various accounts is measuring when an account’s audience is online and most likely to engage. Compare the two charts below.


The charts clearly display a significantly different audience activity profile, something that can’t be uncovered without an account-specific analysis.

The results? After implementing the Socialyzer recommendations, @DistribionDM saw a 130% increase in average clicks per tweet and a 200% increase in average retweets.

Now that Twitter has become accepted as a powerful tool for reaching customers and prospects, marketers must move past tribal knowledge and start rigorously using data and analysis to drive engagement results. If you are using best practices you are doing a disservice to both your followers and your organization.

Stay tuned for our follow up post on what happens when you further optimize for a specific segment of your social audience that you want to reach, the results are even more surprising!

Want to have this type of complex analysis happen *every* time you want to share content to a social network… and automatically schedule it for the perfect time for maximum impact? Try Socialyzer for free today!